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Linux Layer7 Switching (L7SW)

In 2007, I started a project as proof of concept for Layer7 Switching. I called this project Linux Layer7 Switching. The main goal of Linux Layer7 Switching is to provide a fast framework for Layer 7 switching. Layer 7 switching is driving a low-level engine using networking design to speed up forwarding of the data stream. The implementation in this project is split into a userspace daemon and a low-level kernelspace forwarding engine. The userspace daemon is responsible for scheduling and switching decisions. The kernelspace forwarding engine is responsible for forwarding the stream and using a TCP splicing scheme. TCP splicing is the postponement of the connection between the client and the server in order to obtain sufficient information to make a routing decision.
I stopped this project since Linux Kernel mainline is now including a splicing facility with the systemcall 'splice(...)' that can be used to splice 2 TCP socket for instance.
On the other hand, I am receiving preriodically emails requesting for L7SW code, so here it is :